Norton antivirus popups post Norton Setup: A real mess

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Norton antivirus is a great antivirus software and secures your devices from viruses, malware, ransomware and all such impending security threats to your system. Despite its great performance and the security it provides, this software is sometimes found to be nagging by its users due to its intrusive features. Norton antivirus is one such nagging feature that diverts the attention of the users in the course of their important tasks. The moment you download and install this software through the Norton setup process, a toolbar is inserted by it in your browser. Norton popup notifications keep showing on the screen every time. It is not the case with the corrupt or malicious files alone, but with the safe files also. When you download safe files too, this software keeps showing popups and special reports. Though security warnings are important and scans should go on in the background during your online work, getting notifications now and then is a big source of annoyance for the users. All antivirus software come with custom settings. Norton has also got them and you can use them to disable these popups and continue your work without any distraction.

A Step-by-step guide to block Norton antivirus popups

  1. First of all, go to the search bar on your system and type in ‘Norton Antivirus’ there. If you have got Norton antivirus on your system, the icon will appear in the search. You can also find this icon on the system tray on the left.
  2. Move your cursor to the icon by the name ‘Norton Antivirus’ and double-click to open it.
  3. When you open it, you will get to see a host of options over there. You must find ‘Settings’ there.
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  4. On clicking ‘Settings’, you’ll see a checkbox on the screen. It is ‘Silent Mode’. This is a temporary solution to avoid popups as it remains active after for a single day only after it gets enabled.
  5. To put an end to the inconvenience caused by frequent and distracting popups permanently, click on ‘Administrative Settings’ given over there among other options.
  6. Here you will get to see a host of background tasks that you can disable.
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  • Disable ’30 day report’ – It is the feature of Norton to show the report of all the activities it has done in the past 30 days. If you want to disable it, simply turn the slider to ‘Off’. The software will still generate reports in the background, but you will not get notifications anymore. You can also choose to disable the other options like ‘Idle Time Optimizer’ and ‘Automatic Download of New Version’ if it suits you.
  • Disable ‘Norton Task Notification’ – Some tasks like virus scans and cleanup tasks keep running in the background. Unless you disable ‘Norton Task Notification’ you’ll keep seeing these notifications on your screen. Once you turn it ‘Off’, these background tasks will keep running without disturbing your work.
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  • Disable ‘Special Offer Notification’ – The ‘special offers’ are nothing but advertisements run by Norton and you can choose to disable them by going to ‘Silent Mode’.
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  1. Avoid notifications for ‘safe download’ – Norton informs the user every time a user downloads a file. Even if it is safe, it shows a message showing that the file you downloaded is safe. These unnecessary distractions after download of safe files can be avoided by going to ‘Firewall’ settings under ‘Administrative settings’ and choose ‘Risks Only’ from ‘Download Insight Notification’.norton removal tool
  2. Disable AntiSpam popups –This is a feature that helps you assess whether an e-mail is genuine or a spam. If you want to run it silently, you can turn this feature off by going to ‘Settings’ and turn off ‘Welcome Screen’ as well as ‘Feedback’.


So you can see that Norton setup is always great but popups are not. If you still find issues with blocking different popups as mentioned above, you can always visit and get the technical help you need.


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