Procedure to Fix the Error 30483, 3 in Norton Antivirus

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The Norton Antivirus software with its immaculate performance has become a popular choice for the citizens out there. Right from an individual to a big firm, Norton has carved out a  niche for itself by providing the users with the great security features that never let your security get compromised. This software fends off all the security threats like a soldier and keeps your system and data safe and secure. Despite the great performance it gives, a few errors often present problems to its users. A common error is error 3048, 3 faced by users of this software. The users  generally encounter this error when they browse the web. This error is random and does not occur every time you start browsing.

The reasons behind this error aren’t still confirmed, but it can largely be attributed to the problems circling LiveUpdate servers by Symantec. A few other probable reasons could be:

  1. A temporary issue with server update – The error if seen only once or twice resolves on its own after some time. You can run Live Update for it.
  2. Corrupt installation – It occurs when some files during installation in the procedure of Norton setup are corrupt or missing. Norton Removal tool comes in handy to remove this error caused by the corrupt installation
  3. AutoUpdate feature – If the AutoUpdate feature doesn’t work properly, this error can occur. You can use the Live Update in this case.

This error can hinder your work and cause a great inconvenience to the users. The system can crash or freeze and the performance and response may get sluggish. This error needs to be rectified immediately to prevent further damage and problems.

Quick and effective ways to rectify Error 3048, 3

  1. Use LiveUpdate:
  • Double-click the icon of Norton software on your system to open it.
  • You’ll see a window on the screen. In this main window, move your cursor to ‘Security’ and double-click it.
  • Select ‘Live Update’ with a single click.
  • Press OK after LiveUpdate by Norton is finished.
  • Keep running LiveUpdate until you get to see the message to inform you that no updates are pending.
  • Restart your system after this.
  • Check if the problem is gone. If it hasn’t, repeat the procedure.
  1. Use Norton Removal tool:
  • Download Norton Removal tool on your system. Install it.
    norton removal tool
  • Save the file of this tool on your PC’s desktop.
  • Use the shortcut key ‘Ctrl+J’ to open the ‘Downloads’ on your browser. You can also choose ‘Downloads’ from the drop-down menu on the top right corner of your browser’s home page.
  • An NRnR icon appears there in the ‘Downloads’ section. This is the Norton Removal tool. Open it by clicking it twice.
  • Select ‘Remove and Install’.
    norton product key
  • Select ‘Remove’ or ‘Continue’ appearing on the screen to uninstall the current version of Norton on your system.
  • Once you finish uninstalling the software, restart your system.
  • When the computer restarts, follow the instructions on the screen to install Norton software again.

What to do if the error 3804, 3 still remains?

If you can’t remove the error 3048, 3 after resorting to the two methods explained above, you can use your last resort. You can take the tech support to fix your error by visiting You can access the tech support from the experts via:

  1. A toll-free number available for you every time.
  2. A live chat support number to help you fix your errors with the assistance from expert technicians over chat.
  3. An email support system for you to share your problems with the experts and get effective solutions to your problems through the replies via mail.


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