Error 8504,104 during Norton Setup: Reasons and effects

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There is a host of antivirus software available in the market today that offers you protection against all kinds of online threats. A leading name among such softwares is Norton antivirus software that defends your system and data like a true soldier and keeps the online enemies at bay. While the process of Norton setup is easy, some errors hinder the process of download and installation of this software while some other errors hinder the work on it. One common error a user encounters while trying to install Norton on his PC or laptop is the error 8504,104. This error can show up due to conflict arisen due to the presence of another antivirus software on the system. It can also show up during a failure of installation of a new version of Norton during upgradation. This error is a source of great inconvenience for the users and interrupts their work on the computer. The problems this error presents to its users are:

  1. Frequent crash of your PC
  2. Crash of the program window you are currently working on.
  3. Sluggish performance of your windows and slow response to inputs by mouse or keyboard.
  4. Frequent system ‘hangs’ or ‘freezes’

This error can show up generally during installation. It can also show up while you are installing the Windows operating system, or while you start or shut down your Windows.

Steps to tackle Error 8504, 104

You need to follow a proper series of steps if you want to troubleshoot this problematic installation error and resume your smooth work on the system. What you need to follow are some simple steps during Norton setup on your PC. Read on to know them.

  1. Reboot the computer

If you encounter error 8504, 104; the first thing you can do is to reboot the computer. It is a common procedure to tackle not only this error but others too and anyone can do it easily.

  • Close all the current programs and apps active on PC.
  • Reboot the computer.

If the problem resolves, it is well and good. If it doesn’t, you need to consider re-installation.

  1. Run the Norton Removal tool.
  • Download the ‘Norton Removal tool’. Save the downloaded file on the desktop.
  • Open ‘Downloads’ windows on your browser by using the ‘Ctrl+J’ shortcut key. Else, you can click on the ‘Downloads’ option from the drop-down menu on the right of your browser.
  • You’ll find NRnR icon. Double-click this icon of removal tool.
  • A license agreement will show up on the screen. You need to press ‘Agree’ after you read it. This will take you ahead.
  • Now click Advanced Options>Remove only>Remove>Restart Now.
    Once the system restarts, follow the instructions on the screen to install Norton again.
  1. Remove any antivirus software or security product other than that of Norton (Non-Symantec).
  • Type in ‘appwiz.cpl’ after opening ‘Run’ dialogue box. Or you can click Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Programs and Features. This will take you to the installed programs on your PC.
  • Select the Non-Symantec security software and uninstall or remove it.
  • After you follow the instructions and complete the uninstallation process on your computer, restart it.
  1. Upgrade the Video Graphics driver
  • Go to the Device Manager window of your PC by typing the shortcut ‘devmgmt.msc’ or by clicking Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Device Manager.
  • Double-click ‘Display Adapters’.
  • Select ‘Properties’ by right-clicking on the graphics card.
  • Check and confirm that you have the latest version of graphics card driver installed on your PC. Install the latest version of graphics driver if the installed version is outdated.
  • After selecting the manufacturer of your graphics card and installing its latest version, restart your PC.

Check if the error is gone.

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So you can see that error 8504, 104 is an installation error and causes a great trouble for the users. The removal of this error takes patience and a little knowledge of technology. If you still find any issue with the removal of this error by yourself, you can reach visit for the tech support you need. You can reach the tech support via:

  1. A call on toll-free number that is accessible day and night.
  2. A live chat support system to get tech support from technicians online.
  3. An e-mail address to share your queries and get the replies to those on mail.


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