Internet: A boon to us with hidden banes

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Nobody can deny the fact that the internet has brought about a revolution in the field of communication and digital market. Since the advent of the internet, everyone in this world has got empowered by it. The work that would take hours can be done in seconds today, thanks to the great internet. With power comes risks and responsibilities. The same applies to the internet. Along with the great power it has bestowed upon us, it has also left us exposed to a plethora of online threats. If you don’t have a proper defense system to fight off these online threats, you leave yourself prone to virus attacks, malware attacks, identity thefts, data thefts, online scams and the worst you can think of! Thanks to the internet security that you can safeguard yourself against all such threats.

Internet Security: Definition and Importance

Internet Security is a trade of computer science that deals with the threats to digital devices from the internet. It is a vast branch under computer security that helps us understand the need of protecting our devices from the security threats the internet poses and also the ways of doing this.

Internet Security holds a great importance for today’s world that can’t think of doing without Internet even for an hour. It keeps all viruses, malware and other security threats at bay. There are a plethora of popular antivirus software programs available in the market today. Some of the leading ones among them are McAfee, Norton Setup, Avast, etc. Using them can help you safeguard your system, files, and personal information against the security threats the Internet poses.

What if Internet Security is not there?

One can’t even imagine keeping his data secure without having a strong defense mechanism to fight the never-ending online threats. One can get an idea of the importance of internet security by reading what can happen in the absence of it. Keep reading and find the truth yourself.

  1. Your privacy is compromised – If you don’t have a proper internet security system, you can put your privacy as well as the confidentiality of your organization at a great risk. The biggest of government and private organisations can suffer a huge loss if the internet security is taken lightly.

     The sensitive data can leak out and can lead to chaos among the organisations.

  1. Identity theft – This is yet another serious consequence of poor internet security. The unethical hackers can steal your personal information like your credit or debit card details during online transactions. They can use your identity to borrow big sums from banks, make unlawful purchases, and do a lot more that is enough to bring your personal life on the line.
  • Data security is compromised – It is not only your identity but also your important and classified data that can be compromised. The sensitive data of government organisations or big private firms, if stolen can put a lot at stake.
  • Your computer can get damaged – Once intruded by viruses or malware, your computer can get damaged and stop operating. This will render a computer useless. Even if a computer is restored and started, there will always be a chance of corruption of files and data on your PC without a proper defense mechanism installed on it.

Having read all this, you can easily make out what importance the internet security holds in the life of anyone who uses internet.

Internet Security: How to achieve it?

If you want to keep your data, identity and computer safe, there are some easy steps you can take.

  • Use strong and uncommon passwords to make it difficult for online hackers to crack them.
  • Don’t click on any suspicious link on the pages you are browsing.
  • Never share your card details and other personal info on seemingly unauthorized sites.
  • Install a good quality antivirus software like Norton Setup, McAfee, Avast, Kaspersky or any other to keep your devices safe.


    As the use of the internet is indispensable, the only way you keep your system and data safe is to implement internet security measures effectively. Without internet security, it is almost impossible to stay safe and protected in this digital world.


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