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The new Norton Antivirus Windows Edition is the best choice for defending your PC working on Windows operating system. If you have upgraded your Windows to Windows 10 and are thinking of a smart security solution for your PC, Norton setup is the best to go for. Though Microsoft Windows Defender is the security software provided by Microsoft itself for the users of Windows 10, Norton antivirus designed for Windows has got some features that Windows 10 hasn’t.
These features make Norton a standout among all the antivirus software.

How is Norton the best choice for Windows?

Norton is a trusted and popular name in the industry of security solutions for your system. It is backed by an experience of 20 years and intense research and the developers at Norton have proved their prowess in the field of security software. setup with product key i have key

Read on to know how Norton setup is the best option to go for.

  1. It’s been 20 years since Norton started its journey as an antivirus software. Backed by an experienced and innovative team of developers, Norton can give the best protection for your Windows too.
  2. With Norton installed on your Windows PC, you need not worry about the speed of the system. It has got additional features that optimize the performance of your computer.
  3. An all-time tech support system to reach out to you the moment you need any technical help for Norton products.
  4. With Norton, you can get assured of safety during online tasks for your entire family.
  5. You can secure multiple devices across your home with a single subscription. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.

To avail yourself of these benefits, all you need to do is to have Norton on your PC. You can setup Norton on your system by visiting and download it from there.

Reasons why Norton has an edge over Windows Defender

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Microsoft Windows Defender as a background scanner is sufficient to block the malware threats that are quite known and predictable. On the other hand, Norton has a layered security approach that gives you a 100% security with the help of a judicious combination of advanced technologies used by Norton developers.

Read on to know some of them.

  1. Intrusion Prevention System –
    Intrusion Prevention System (or IPS in short) keeps track of dubious network traffic while you browse online and stop malicious attacks from intruding your system through the introduction of malware on your system.
  1. Two-way firewall security – Norton setup gives your home network strong protection as it blocks the intruding suspicious and unsafe traffic. This prevents strangers from accessing and attacking your network.
  2. Norton Antispam – This feature makes your system secure from spam e-mails as it keeps scanning your mailbox for any unsafe, malicious or fraudulent mails that can put your identity on the line by stealing it.
  3. Protection for social network – This feature keeps your social media accounts safe from the threats and scams based on social networking.
  4. Compatibility with a plethora of browsers – You can select the browser of your choice as it gives you the protection for all browsers.

The features mentioned above with some other features make Norton software the best option for the security of your system.  


Norton software is the best choice for your Windows as it uses a combo of innovation and technology to design the features that are competent enough to carve a niche in security solutions industry. For any technical help for Norton products, you can visit


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