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Today’s world is the world of internet. Anyone and everyone is dependent on the use of the internet. Life has become easy due to the internet with all things done online. With the ever-growing demand of the internet, the greed of online scammers and fraudsters is also increasing with each passing day. The online scammers have evolved themselves into smart hackers who don’t fall in a trap easily. They apply the latest methodologies to steal a user’s identity, private data or intrude into his social life through hacking his social media accounts. As long as your net is off, you are safe. The moment you turn your data on, you have put the security of your digital life on the line. Using Norton setup for your system, you can easily fend the online scams off.

How Norton Setup fends off the online scams?

Norton is a popular name in the field of anti-virus software market. It gives you a 360⁰ protection to your devices against the most dangerous virus, malware, or phishing attacks. Until and unless you don’t activate Norton after completing Norton Setup, you are prone to a plethora of viruses, malware, bugs that can corrupt your system, intrude into your personal profiles, steal your identity and what not! The hackers and spammers are smart enough to lure you into giving access to them inadvertently through opening unknown links, entering personal details on illicit sites, etc.

Make sure you activate your Norton antivirus after setting it up. Norton also sends update alerts to its users so that the users keep it updated to maintain full security for their systems.

Online scams prevalent today: How Norton keeps them at bay?

When it comes to the most prevalent online scams today, phishing scams and social media ranks come on the top. Read on to know what they are and how Norton manages to keep them at bay.

  1. Phishing scams – Phishing is a very common method used by hackers to intrude into your personal profiles. They send different e-mails and mobile messages and post different posts on social media. This is a trap set by them to catch the users. Such messages or mails generally contain lucrative offers or discounts and are followed by a fraud link. The moment a user clicks such a link, his identity and data are compromised. The scammers then penetrate deep into the social media accounts of the users and his personal and official data in different files and folders on his system and use them illicitly. The security and personal life of the user are put on the line. Norton software comes into play as it can warn you about all such dubious mails after a quick scan. You can easily get an idea of which mails are dubious and which are not through warning alerts by Norton setup and avoid opening such mails.
  2. Social media scams – Many social posts contain malware links. If you come across any such post with an unrealistic offer or great prize money offer, don’t fall into the trap. If you receive any such messages with links, don’t ever open them. Delete the messages at once. Use Norton software judiciously to filter such malicious messages and posts thoroughly to avoid a potential security threat to your profile and data.
    Thus, you can see that Norton is a great antivirus to use to keep your system,  data and identity secured all the time.


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